Fire Package


                                                   15 Amp Extension Cord
                                                     $5.00 each 





Crystal Chandelier


Paper Globes
$15.00 each


Cafe stlye String Lights - Mini Lights
$12.00 per
50' string

Set up not Included in price


$35.00 per 48'  string  

Wet Location approved string light set is designed for indoor and outdoor use. Each set consist of a 48ft white cord, 24 sockets spaced 2ft apartwith 11 watt bulbs  Use  up to 5 sets off one plug in


  • Wet location UL Approved
  • Outdoor- Weatherproof
  • Includes 24 Bulbs
  • Bulbs spaced 0.6m./2ft. apart
  • Connect up to 5 light strings (with included 11 watt bulbs)


Set up not Included in price ask for price