Black or White Folding Chair
$1.25 each

Older white Chairs with/scraches

$1.00 each

Chair Setup and Knockdown
add $1.00 each chair


White Wedding Padded Garden Chairs
$3.00 ea


Tables and Chairs

All tables and chairs must be returned clean and free from refuse (mud or dirt, grass or hay, table cloth holding, glue - clay–tape –plastic table cloths- ribbon- wax- food - trash - garbage - rubbish - waste – litter) or a cleaning fee will be charged

If Tables and chairs were stacked on a cart they must be returned the same way.

These policies are to keep our rental items in the best shape for our next costumers that want a nice product for their event

Chairs: If ALL Chairs are Returned Cleaned a .25 credit per chair will be returned for clean chairs if any of the chairs are Not clean then no credit will be given on any of the chairs

Thank you